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Colorful Apartment Decorating in Stockholm

Colorful apartment decorating is not scary when you have a neutral backdrop, like in this penthouse apartment in Stockholm. Many of us would love to add more color to our living spaces but the task seems daunting since color can have such a powerful effect. For those who are hesitant, keeping the backdrop neutral is a great strategy that allows you to experiment with color without making any costly mistakes. This means using furniture and accessories to color your space. This apartment’s fundamental color palette is black, white and brown; neutral. The sitting nook is the most colorful room in the home. But notice how the blast of color comes from the rug, the seating and the pillows. They chose a complementary scheme of blue and orange and threw in some patterns. The greatest thing is that any amount of color will have a big impact against a neutral canvas. Examine the red details in the home. Red pillows on the seating bench, red vases on the mantle, red stools in the kitchen. They make an impact without being overwhelming and they create a sense of unity between the spaces. And one must not underestimate the impact of books. Displaying your book collection on open shelves is an easy way to introduce color (as long as not all your books are black and white). See more of this apartment decorating ideas at Mixr.



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