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Coffee Table Aquarium by Aqua Design

Coffee Table Aquarium from Aqua Design is a unique piece of furniture. We want to believe in everything they say … because we like it. And here’s what they’re saying… “It is made from the highest quality of materials, including a top made of British Standards safety glass bearing the BSI kite mark. It works as a fully functioning cold water aquarium and can keep quite a variety of fish. We recommend keeping small koi carp, orandas, black moors or lion heads. Due to the fact that there are rubber shock absorbers located between the top and the bottom sections, whenever you place anything on the table the fish cannot ‘hear’ the vibrations. … This coffee table comes complete with pump, filters and lights, in fact everything you need except for the water and the fish!” Prices start at £894.99. Aqua Design

There’s more unusual and exiting ‘aqua’ furniture items from Aqua Design like this Globe Lamp Aquarium (left), made from a safe and strong synthetic polymer, for £268.99. They can even make a custom shade from your material.
And here’s Aqua Star Aquarium Fish Tank (right), £49.99, a compact aquarium for the kids bedroom that also serves as a night light.


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