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Clever Bathroom Design

What a clever bathroom design – by Act Design of Canada. So many clever touches. See how the shower is on a slight grade, slanted in one direction toward the wall? And the drain is against the wall, a little out of sight but in the perfect spot for optimal drainage. The delineation between the shower and the rest of the room is marked by using a different tile on the floor. The walls and the rest of the floors (and ceiling for that matter) are all done in one consistent pattern so the floor of the shower really stands out. It’s equipped with a simple vanity that is easy to clean. And on the opposite side of the room is a similar vanity, but here, the mirrored cabinets are positioned at different levels. This really creates visual interest and at the same time, allows the same convenience as one large mirror. The toilet and bidet are behind a glass partition to add some privacy. An earthy color choice and great decisions make this a bathroom with presence.

Via: HomeDSGN


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