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Classic Rocking Chair: Cornelia by Giorgio Cattelan

From the sitting room to the sun porch – this classic rocker has the moves. Cornelia, designed by Giorgio Cattelan and manufactured by Cattelan Italia, is made from steel and can go anywhere. It can reside indoors or out – your choice. And it’s lightweight enough that you can move it back and forth. There’s an optional Mongolian lamb’s fur throw for the cushion that’s truly to die for (see below). Doesn’t that look cosy? The white chair, particularly, has a wicker-feel thanks to the perforated back. This rocker has simplistic and clean lines and would really suit any decor from the Victorian cottage look to the sleek metallic loft downtown. The cushion for the Cornelia rocker comes in a wide array of fabric and color choices, from synthetic leather to crocodile leather; from “lobster” (orange) to “oyster” off-white). Those choices can make a huge difference in the entire feel of the chair, from the muted modern earth tones (above) to the white Victorian chic below. Versatile and durable, charming, yet contemporary. What more is there?

More information: Cattelan Italia


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