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Chair And Chaise Lounge In One – X2 By Giorgio Caporaso

Designed by Giorgio Caporaso of Caporaso Design, this strikingly organic chair is meant as a transformable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications, with efficiency and environmental sustainability in mind. The concept of the chair eliminates the need to overpopulate a room or patio with furniture, since each single piece transforms in a simple rolling motion to become either a traditional high-back chair or a form-fitting Chaise lounge. The structure is balanced and comfortable in both positions, providing plenty of support for your back or your legs in either configuration. Absolutely no levers need to be pulled or buttons pushed to change between positions; each application is built into its design without any transformation necessary. Additionally, the straight-down sides of each chair allow an entire row to be placed side-by-side to create a single long couch or social lounge.
In addition to being uniquely configurable, Caporaso’s chairs are also responsible, made from cardboard or from wood in its current production run (there is a possibility that the option of plastic or metal finishes may be added later on). Each unit uses as little material as possible, as evidenced by the round cutouts in the side of the design. This saves precious natural materials while keeping the chair light enough to move and transform with ease. Every part of the lounge is biodegradable and easily disposed of in a responsible manner, allowing you to replace it when the need comes. Styled with soft, natural curves and built from strong yet responsible materials, this dual-purpose furniture piece is perfect for an eco-conscious house.

Caporaso Design (via deco NICHE)


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