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Children Radiator Pa.zol (Puzzle) – modular, customizable, colorable, by Hellos

With the aim to integrate easily into the unique world which belongs to children, Hellos creates the Pa.zol radiator. As you would expect from such a product, the appearance is extremely bright having a number of refreshing color hues. The idea is to imitate pieces of a puzzle, only on a larger scale. Being a modular radiator, it allows for multiple wall configurations, transcending the unique puzzle solution. The front plates which compose the radiator are made of aluminium and can be moved without having to detach the radiator itself. Because of the variety of designs it can transform into, this radiator is perfect to be placed in the children’s room. Its flexibility is not only based upon interchangeable modules, but also on a bright color palette. This Pa.zol product offered by Hellos gives a playful meaning to radiators.



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