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Dome House – A deconstructed puzzle they call “home”

The Dome House by Australian architecture firm McBride Charles Ryan was deliberately designed as an unfinished puzzle here in a quiet suburb of Melbourne. This home takes shape as a deconstructed dome, pieced together from copper panels of all sizes, some intentionally missing to offer glimpses of what’s inside while connecting the house to its grounds.

On approach, you’re welcomed by a patchwork of copper, concrete, brick, wood and glass, weathered to complement the natural garden. The dome appears to have been sliced, giving visitors and passersby a cross-section of these various materials and a peek inside. A winding pathway leads you past the facade and into the lovely landscaped grounds which work their way through this structure.
Inside this one-of-a-kind house design, the architects pulled off that same “puzzling” effect by combining different but complementary materials: wood floors meet tiled areas, while walls and ceilings carry a combination of wood, concrete and plaster, black and white, and color-blocked treatments throughout.
Glass walls overlook the central courtyard and beyond that, views of interiors across this private garden. Interiors are flooded with natural light through its many windows, while giving every room an ever-changing view of fresh flowers and foliage.
The office area is small but sweet. A simple white palette keeps this corner looking clean, but the architects added visual interest by composing it of various overlapping blocks to achieve that puzzle style.
The minimalist bathroom boasts a spa like atmosphere, awash in white and featuring that signature curved ceiling that gives the Dome House its name.
McBride Charles Ryan


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