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Chez Nicole Bedroom Furniture from Horchow

The Chez Nicole Bedroom Furniture is romantic and timeless. Each piece is lavishly embellished with decorative scrolls and leaves. The pale weathered finish gives a decadent time-worn splendour. The grand headboard rises magnificently above the plush bed and brings a courtly refined air. The unusual corner posts arch up, defining the bed’s space and finishing the corners with a striking flair. The night stand manages to be peaceful and calming despite its intricate ornamentation. It brings the relaxed air of a well loved piece which has lasted generations. Crafted of polar and solid wood, the Chez Nicole Bedroom furniture range includes the nightstand, armoire, bachelor chest and king or queen sized bed. Originally $1,739.00 for a king sized bed, and $799.00 for the nightstand, available from Horchow.



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