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Modern Shower Panel Designs from Colacril – Linea Creativity

Linea Creativity is a collection of modern shower panels from Colacril for people with a sense of fun! Featuring the imaginative style that Colacril, an Italian company, is known for, the Linea Creativity panels are bound to lighten up your day. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour, a conversation piece, or something for the kids, there’s a shower panel for you. You can pick a simple panel to serve as a colourful backdrop to your shower, or you can pick a shape that says a little bit more. Amongst the clever designs pictured here is an interpretation of a lady’s torso called ‘Musa’, a man’s upper half (including the showerhead smartly positioned as his head) known as ‘Omo’. There is also a starfish, Stella, and a Panda. Lovely, lighthearted design from Colacril: the Linea Creativity shower panels.
If you like the creativity of Colacril, check out the Butterfly shower, picked by Trendir.


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