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10 Charming Yet Organized Kitchens

If you love organization as much as we do yet can’t figure out how to properly achieve it in the kitchen you’re certainly not alone. The kitchen tends to be a bit more difficult to organize due to always having many different components coming in and out of it on a regular basis. While it could feel like a challenge its actually quite easy if you take into consideration how to do it properly while still keeping the essence of the room. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of charming yet organized kitchens that are sure to take your breath away.

Functional yet Stylish

For a personalized touch add trays that have an intricate appeal such as a mirror or even a sleek design.

One of the best ways to organize the kitchen is to purchase functional yet stylish pieces that make sense in the room. The best way to do this is by having organization trays become part of the main room focus. Instead of having scattered pieces throughout the room place them inside of the trays and allow them to make a statement in a subtle manner.

Multi-size Cabinets

Multi-size cabinets work because they not only allow you to store everything you want but it allows you to have an intricate look that appeals to the eyes while being functional.

Opting for a multi-sized cabinet allows you to have added organization yet having a sleek touch that is charming. Paint them a unique color to bring versatility and beauty throughout the kitchen area. You can use this as an added color pop to the room or you can have it as part of your kitchen island.

Floating Shelves

Keep your heavy decor inside of your shelves on the lighter “pretty ones” on your floating shelves for a beautiful, organized display.

Floating shelves tend to intimate most because it showcases more than most would like to show. The key is only displaying the dinnerware that you personally enjoy seeing. Some enjoy using plates or cups of the same color or with the same pattern palette. We personally love the look of a uniformed appeal that fits perfectly into your decorating scheme.

Chic Organization

When you want that chic approach consider a clean display with little to no additional bits.

For a chic organization go with a minimalist matching approaching. Having the minimalist yet matching appeal brings that classic chic touch to the room without taking away from what you already have as part of your décor. Keep it simple with added storage throughout the room.

Embrace your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island with storage is perfect for a modern twist that is helpful all at once. The idea is to display what you like and hide what you dislike.

You read that correctly, embracing your kitchen island is an excellent way of bringing your kitchen back to life yet having that organized appeal. The key is having your kitchen island have some sort of storage throughout, having this feature will allow you to have an organized kitchen without taking away from the rest of your décor.

Hanging Pots

Hang your most used pots for easy access that is heartfelt all at once.

We have all been to someone’s home and noticed that they have hanging pots in their kitchen. Although most of us tend to think “no way that’s a bit invasive” others might actually like the idea, and then there’s us, we don’t see hanging pots we see an opportunity to organize a kitchen while still being chic. This idea works exceptionally well when you want to showcase style and organization all at once, plus let’s not forget they are excellent statement pieces.

Keep It Simple

Add bold light fixtures to create a seamless blend between keeping it simple and being a bit too “modern” you might even want to consider using colorful lights to further create the contrast.

One of the best things you can do for a kitchen is keeping the décor simple. Doing so works because it helps remove clutter yet keeps the room in tip-top shape the entire time. You might want to display your most utilized bits and have them as the main focal point of the room for that simplistic appeal.

Be Modern

If you have the room, go modern. The bigger the room the more expansive your kitchen will feel plus it also allows you to get creative with your organization.

Keep it modern by having a preorganized setup. Having that modern touch works well when you want to bring forth your favorite kitchen essentials while still having every bit of modern throughout. The key is having essential bits that make the room come alive in a full-rounded manner, add different size trays, plants or even both to keep things organized.

Go Custom

When going for a custom look select different colors, sizes, and even different finishes for a complete look that brings your personality up front and center.

There’s no better way to bring out a seamless approach to your kitchen than by creating a custom item. Having a custom countertop or even custom counters is great when you have a smaller space that still holds everything you need in your space yet doesn’t take up much room. Keep your custom piece simple in order to have the best outcome.

Showcase Less

Try to display as little as possible in order to have a well-organized approach. The idea is to try and conserve the aesthetics of the room without adding additional decor.

Even though most of us enjoy showcasing all of your kitchen essentials consider showcasing less for a more a chic approach. The less is more approach is great for those that want a more stylish aesthetics without compromising what you already have, a win-win situation.

How do you organize your kitchen? Please share with us your organization tips below.


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