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Charming Screened Patio – Porch Ideas

There is something about being outdoors that makes everyone feel relaxed and as if they can breathe twice as better. However, not all of us have the luxury of having an outdoor space that allows us to sit and enjoy nature. But what many do, have is a patio or porch space that has been screened in. Though it might not seem like the same thing, it can serve the same purpose of bringing tranquility where you need it most. The following ideas are charming and modern with a hint of peace that omits from them to give your patio or porch that perfect dose of décor.

Bring the Inside Out

If you truly want to take advantage of bringing your indoor decor outdoors consider adding lamps or even a ceiling fan.

When you think of a screened porch or patio you think of an area that blends the outdoors with the indoors seamlessly, Therefore, why not bring indoor influences outdoors and make it one unified space. Take classic furniture elements such as a sofa, accent chair, and even a rug and layout on your porch to create that second seating area that seamlessly works. Blend flowers in multiple different hues and sizes to work in that outdoor aspect while still having the indoor elements become the main focus.

Use Wood

Add as much wood as possible to make the room have a cozy aesthetic without going overboard with creating a warm welcoming appeal.

Wood is one of those elements that work well in any area of the home. It makes any structure have a bit of charm while being chic and easy to work with. When it comes to your patio or porch you want to use blonde wood. Blonde wood is very light, making it extremely easy to work with and pair with other pastel shades. Furthermore, if you add darker hues it creates a modern contrast that instantly makes any room come to life.

Second Dining Space

Bring in a bench to emphasize on the idea of having a dining space that feels almost as if you are on a picnic on a regular basis.

If you have a smaller home and don’t have a dining area but you do have a screened patio consider creating your dream dining space right there. Think about it, a screened patio is the perfect area to have a second dining room, not only is it cozy, but it allows you to feel as if you’re in two places at once without having to leave your home. You get to see the beautiful view of nature without having to deal with bugs or animals that are outdoors. Pair the dining table and a chic bench and the look is complete.

Add a Swing


Just because your porch is screened in does not mean you can’t have a swing. Having a swing is perfect for those that want to add a little dash of charm without having to go overboard. Furthermore, a swing is one of those items that instantly brings a country feel to any parts of the home. Add a swing to your porch or patio and pair it with patterned cushions for a custom dose of character. Pair it with a chic basket and you will have the perfect rustic aesthetic.

Work with Colors

Add colorful cushions to bring in color without having to completely change the aesthetic of the room. Work with multiple patterns to complete the look.

Whether you’re a fan of minimal décor, or you prefer a more traditional space, color can make a huge difference. While this might sound like a no brainer, there is a bit of a science when it comes to adding color to a porch. The key is adding color in areas that feel dull or empty. For example, if you have an awkward corner and can’t decide what to do with it, its time to bring in color. Doing so instantly upgrades the room while giving it a visual appeal that brightens the space overall. Or add a plant for a dose of green that works exceptionally well when you want to add fresh color.

Create a Lounge

For a chic lounge appeal bring in a rug. Doing so enables you to lay on the floor or even just hang out during the day drinking a glass of wine or two.

Your screened porch doesn’t have to be anything but the perfect oasis where you get to relax. To do just that create a lounge and make the room come to life. It’s all about embracing the square footage that you have and going from there. Bring in a comfortable couch, a few chairs, and/or a rocking accent seat and go from there. The more comfortable the space feels the better! It’s all about embracing the room and ensuring it has a new and chic appeal. When in doubt, add a stool or two for extra seating.

Add Height

Bring in similar light fixtures to create a symmetrical appeal without going overboard or having too much structure in the room.

Okay, so your screened porch is lower in height, and you want to extend it a bit? If that is the case, its time to consider bringing height and expanding on it. To do that bring in light fixtures in different height ranges and allow them to be the staggering touch the room needs for an added dose of elegant height. Use fixtures in multiple different finishes for a contrasting aesthetic that makes the room feel unique yet charming at once. It’s all about approaching the room with the idea of making it feel taller yet not cluttering it.


The more neutral shades you use the bigger the room will appear. It’s all about expanding the room and giving it a bold approach.

Some shades simply make a room come to life, and those are neutrals. Neutrals are perfect for any size room at any moment. Whether you want to make a room come to life, or you prefer to have soft shades become the focal point. Nudes can make any room feel grander by simply being showcased! Bring in soft neutral shades and expand on them by bringing in patterns and other accent bits that truly make the room come to life.

Bring on the Greenery

The bolder your plants are the calmer the room will appear. It’s all about making the room look as enchanting as possible.

Even though your screened porch/patio is placed in an enclosed space, greenery makes an excellent addition. It adds freshness, and color right where you want and needs it most. Whether you add one or two plants it’s completely up to you; however, you want to ensure you bring in plants that have some sort of texture, or you can bring planters that do the same. The bigger your planters are, the grander your plant would appear.

Go Big

Consider luxury as the main element when it comes to going big with your decor. Add a fireplace to complete the look overall.

Why not take a risk and go big with your décor? If you have a bigger space, consider bringing in large pieces of furniture and expanding on the idea of having your décor come to life. Whether you make it a second living room or bedroom it’s completely up to you, the idea is to make the room feel as grand as possible while still working with what you have. Add a sofa swing and make the room feel extra comfortable.

Which of these ideas are you most inclined to try? Share with us your ideas below.


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