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Charade square oversized shower head by Fornara & Maulini – the Multifunction shower head

A luxury oversized shower head from Fornara & Maulini that offers a range of refreshing and invigorating showers, the Charade Multifunction shower head provides the luxury of choice in modern style. The shining steel square features a grid pattern of 156 anti-scale silicon nozzles that deliver a natural rainfall. Two rectangular blocks release cascades of water in crossing streams for a rushing solid flow of relaxing water. The central jet provides an atomised mist to rouse fatigued muscles. Selected by the ‘soft touch’ keyboard, the shower is simple to adjust at your whim. With optional easy to clean Supermirror surface and LED accent lights the Charade Multifunction shower head offers function and modern style in a single unit. Available from Fornara & Maulini in wall-mounted or built-in style the Charade Multifunction will lavish you in sensuous choice.



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