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Charade oversized LED shower head by Fornara & Maulini – the Stainless Steel head with 20 LED lights

With a futuristic design the Charade Stainless Steel 800×800 LED Shower mixes light and water into a single luxury experience. The Charade Stainless Steel uses a smooth sheet of square steel to present its regular grid-work of nozzles and lights. Twenty long-lasting LED lights illuminate the falling water, creating a blue gleaming rain. A spot light of water offers relaxation and rejuvenation. The oversized square head is perfect for two people or simply a decadent shower for one. Finally the Charade uses innovative silicon nozzles and ‘Supermirror’ finish, all of which makes it easy to clean and maintains its fabulous looks. The Charade shower is available with brackets or for built in installation from Fornara & Maulini.



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