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Chandelier Creates a Forest of Tree Shadows

This magnificent light sculpture, Forms in Nature, casts an incredibly real looking forest of tree shadows on the wall! And set on a dimmer, the forest changes intensity with the brightness of the light. Can you just imagine this in your bedroom? It would be like sleeping in the middle of nature on a full moon night. And you wouldn’t need (in fact, wouldn’t want) art for your walls — the shadows provide a light show every night. Inside the spherical shape lies a labyrinth of bent, misshapen branches and offshoots, winding around each other to create the light fantastic. Mirrorings are thrown out from the center of the light to create the forest illusion. Isn’t it just amazing how such a normal size chandelier can create such large shadows all the way around the room? Inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel (the German biologist who discovered thousands of new species and mapped them to the tree of life), Hilden and Diaz have created a 360 degree light source that comes alive when the shadows hit the wall. But don’t think you’ll find this on the shelf at your corner lighting store anytime soon. Hilden and Diaz are currently taking limited orders for this very special and exclusive piece. If you don’t want to miss a rare opportunity to own this stunning light sculpture, you’d better act quickly!

This Forms in Nature chandelier casts an incredible forest on the wall.
More information: Hildendiaz


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