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Ceramica Flaminia new Void Washbasin and Bidet designed by Fabio Novembre

Ceramica Flaminia Void washbasin
The soft form of the Ceramica Flaminia Void Washbasin designed by Fabio Novembre is an aesthetic discovery that will please the senses. The gentle dent-like impression on the sides of the bidet and the hole that runs through it create an organic feeling, as if the object has been shaped by the flow of water over many years. The designer likens the Void to ‘stones in a river which are smoothed by the internal and external flows of our life’. Fabio Novembre says “Water moulds materials with a particular harmony that every designer aspires to”. Sensual and natural, water from the faucet surges into the Void Bidet to complement its shape. Ceramica Flaminia, an Italian company, is expert in interpreting the forms around us into eye-catching ceramic equivalents, as demonstrated with the Void Washbasin and Void Bidet.
Ceramica Flaminia Void bidet and toilet

Ceramica Flaminia Void porcelain bidet in White


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