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Italian Bathroom Innovations – the latest trends in contemporary bathrooms

Renowned for being at the forefront of modern design, recently the Italians have returned to examine the bathroom and in the process have developed some innovative new approaches to design. Instead of creating objects to fill the bathroom, the new Italian trend is to build the bathroom with entirely integrated fixtures. Instead of individual pieces, the bathroom becomes a single functioning unit. Controls are removed from the form and instead are integrated conveniently into the environment.
Like Antonio Lupi Design’s new Materia faucets. The slim reaching spout can be wall mounted without the distraction controls can impose on the form, while the lever sits conveniently in reach on the vanity. It also gives a freedom, allowing the spout to convey its function without distraction, while freeing the control unit to blend the slim reach of the spout with the round body of the drain cover. The Materia can be combined with any sink, to create a personal and bespoke solution.
Moving now to the bathroom furniture, Ceramica Flaminia has designed an integrated bathroom system that turns the room into a single unit of modern functionality. The One bathroom features an inset toilet, bidet and sink. The mechanics are all in built, and leave only the bowls and flush controls gently rising from the surface of the bespoke units. The One bathroom series uses a slight overhang to define each bowl and contrast the slight rise above the surface. The gently curving bowls stand out from any surface, yet elevate the units into a single bespoke bathroom furnishing. The new Italian trends take function and beauty to new levels by freeing bathroom fixtures of their previous restrictions and instead applying that function to the bathroom as a whole.


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