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Top Spring Trends from Celebrity home decorators

Spring has officially sprung; therefore, it’s time to consider new spring trends that will be taking over. What better way to bring in spring trends than to embrace the season than to officially take a peek at the top spring trends celebrity home decorators are raving about. Though this year there wasn’t an expo due to the pandemic, we are all going through we were able to seek and find the top trends for spring. Here are Spring trends you should be embracing in your home.

Abstract Art

If you don’t want to bring too any abstract items into a room, go for a simple painting with charming colors for the perfect unique display.

is one of those items that are pretty subjective, and personal. It’s one of those items that are personal and unique to you. However, this time around, it’s all about abstract art. Abstract artworks due to how modern and chic it is. The trick towards abstract art is having it displayed throughout the room in multiple different versions, from having it hung on your wall, to displaying it on throw pillows and even lamps. Focus on unique art to ensure you get the most out of the room overall.

New Metallic

Pair your brass chair finishes with velvet to bring a bold contrast and pair them with a brass light fixture for the perfect display.

Metallic finishes have been on trend for quite some time. However, this time around, we are looking at brass. Brass is a brighter type of metallic meaning it will easily make any area, it is placed it appear unique and trendy. Bring in a brass finish table and pair it with other contemporary elements to truly bring a new feel to your living room space. Furthermore, using brass is the perfect excuse when you want to upgrade a room without having to go overboard with your décor.

Curves, Anyone?

The solution towards working with curved furniture is blending it seamlessly with traditional bits for the perfect bold appeal.

When it comes to the shape of your furniture, you no longer want to consider straight lines that feel heavy, instead, you want to bring in curved pieces. As more designers begin embracing this decorating style it is becoming more common to come across. Consider using curvy pieces that have a distinctive shape to them, or even ones with bold colors. The idea is to bring a dose of Spring without going too extreme. You want these pieces to look and feel classic and as if they can withstand any weather and decorating style.


Go big by creating a rattan seating space with a rattan table, chairs, and light fixture set. It’s the perfect way of embracing the material while giving it an expansive approach.

Rattan is just oh so charming and fresh, making it perfect for Spring/Summer décor. Besides, who doesn’t love the look and feel of vacation? Rattan furniture tends to have that charming element where everything feels like it belongs on an island. Its flowy, easy on the eye and makes everything come to life seamlessly. Additionally, rattan is typically neutral so pairing it with other decorative elements is just as charming.

Floral Bits

The simple act of bringing a floral trim to your bathroom can instantly expand the room while giving it a welcoming Spring feel.

Floral décor never gets old, it allows you to bring the great outdoors directly inside. Furthermore, who doesn’t love the idea of having a display that makes the room feel fresh and airy? The trick towards this decorating style is using an array of colors that make the floral display feel genuinely chic. Use metallic florals to further enable this new and chic display.

Hexagon Shape

The simple act of mixing different sizes of hexagon tables can make the room feel welcoming and charming with a twist of seamless modern that is oh so trendy.

Another shape display that is taking over seamlessly, is hexagon shapes. Hexagon décor has become quite popular as of recently due to how unique it is. Whether you use it as the base of your table, an accent coffee display, or even clustered together, having a hexagon table will instantly upgrade the room in a chic manner. We love the idea of having it showcased as a focus for the ultimate display.


If you truly want to go the bold route, you want to look into the idea of painting a staircase the bold hue and giving your home a permanent Spring feel.

Could we do a Spring guide without including a signature color? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be the same. When it comes to working a Spring hue that will make the room look and feel chic, yellow it is. Consider changing a few threw pillows, adding in a few blankets, or even a few dishes in the hue to fully embrace what the room has to offer. It’s the perfect way of brightening any room that needs something a little extra fresh and chic.

Natural Elements

The larger your natural element is the bolder it will appear in the room. It’s all about creating something new in a room with a bold approach.

Even if you’re not a fan of having a natural display, having natural elements should be considered. Natural elements add a sense of serenity to a room that incomparable. Furthermore, many companies and brands are using natural elements in their furniture pieces to truly showcase the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you use wood, tree roots, or even shells, you want to showcase the element in an organic type of way for a modish focus.


When it comes to creating a contrast you want to use hues that normally won’t work well-together but when showcased paired up they brighten the room.

It’s all about creating contrast within your décor. Creating a contrast will easily brighten the room while giving you a stylish appeal. Moreover, creating a contrast means you get to use light shades paired with darker ones to truly enhance what the room has to offer. It’s almost as if the colors blend together seamlessly for that bold touch that is welcoming and charming.

Light & Airy

Bring in a few branches or flowers to bring the room together in a light and airy way.

If there is one thing that will never go out of style is having a light and airy display. Think of it as the perfect way of adding an extra dose of freshness to a room. Keeping it light and airy means the room feels new every time you walk in it. Additionally, it allows you to embrace the square footage you already have. Maintain your decorative pieces charming for the perfect easy on the eye display. It’s all about making the room feel almost as if it has natural airflow.

When it comes to Spring and decorating which of these ideas are you most interested in? Share with us below.


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