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Ceiling Mounted Overhead Shower with Chromotherapy by Ponsi

Ponsi bring chromotherapy to the bathroom in a unique way with Colore, a ceiling mounted overhead shower. We’ve all seen tubs that incorporate chromotherapy, but a shower head is a nice new idea. With nine different colors, Colore offers fun design and mood possibilities for your bathroom space. Need to relax? Need to be energized? Set the appropriate color for the most inspiring shower ever. The simple rectangular-shaped enclosure made in soft silicon material and houses an ultra-thin stainless steel shower head. This sleek fixture is also equipped with an anti-scale and anti-drip system. Colore emits LED light in 9 different colors, and can also be purchased in the wall version or even suspended on four stainless steel wires. Sized at 340×280 mm. For more design possibilities, visit Ponsi.



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