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Cedar Barrel Sauna – outdoor sauna from Northern Lights

The Cedar Barrel Sauna from Northern Lights has raised the bar in outdoor saunas and created a much cooler looking outdoor spa retreat. Sitting at seven feet tall and seven feet wide, the two benches fit up to six adults comfortably, or allow two to lie down and stretch their legs. No need to worry about head room either – comfort is key with the barrel sauna. Because of it’s circular shape, it offers the same usable space you’d find with a box-shaped sauna, but cuts out the 23 per cent of wasted space in a box shape, allowing for better circulation and a more interesting piece of decor for your backyard. Northern Lights uses only grade A Western Red Cedar to construct their saunas. The planks are 1.5 inches thick offering spectacular insulation and bettering the heat retention. These spacious outdoor saunas are precut to exact measures making assembly easy and with no specialty tools required, it’ll be a breeze to put together. Don’t sweat over it, at least not until you’re inside the Cedar Barrel Sauna form Northern Lights.



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