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Casual Dinnerware Set – luxury Noritake Colorwave dinnerware

Casual get-togethers call for a relaxed atmosphere, a hint of luxury, and the Noritake Colorwave Dinnerware set. This unique set comes in mix-and-match coupe and quad shapes that let you customize your tabletop to reflect your style. The Colorwave Suede dinnerware is inspired by the velvety texture of suede, in a soft yellow color. For a more exotic twist to your table, the elegant Colorwave Blue dinnerware collection boasts a Japanese-inspired design executed on white stoneware. Noritake casual dinnerware is available in a wide range of other fun and funky colors, and each one features its own distinct floral pattern. Colorwave collections include full place sets and serving pieces, ranging in price from $7 to $100 at Macy’s.



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