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Wooden shower enclosures in Teak Shower from Carmenta – bathroom innovations

In today’s bathrooms wood washbasines and wood tubs may not be exactly unusual but the wooden shower enclosures definitely are. Carmenta presents a new concept of shower enclosures in Teak, Oak or Wenge wood. These are innovative enclosures made with real waterproof wood panels. By using the ‘water setting’ glue to attach wood veneer to the HPL (high pressure laminate) and by applying special lacks, the complete impermeability of the material was achieved in Carmenta wooden enclosures. A teak shower would create a relaxing atmosphere of natural wood. Coordinating teak cabinets, wood washbasins, drawers, mirrors, stainless steel shower, hand shower, wooden shower trays and thermostatic taps are also available from Carmenta to match your frameless shower enclosure.


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