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Cantilevered Family Home Overlooks Lake

cantilevered family home overlooks lake 1 cantilever thumb 630xauto 32204 Cantilevered Family Home Overlooks Lake

Located in the Okanogan Valley of BC, Canada, and overlooking the banks of picturesque Skaha Lake, the Lefebvre-Smyth single-family residence was designed by CEI Architecture to incorporate a small foot pint. This was an important feature to the new home due to the steep sloping site and the complexities a larger foundation would require. The majority of the social volume is placed on the second floor, cantilevering over the steep gorge of the property.

cantilevered family home overlooks lake 2 entry thumb 630xauto 32206 Cantilevered Family Home Overlooks Lake

With the home perched on top of the hilltop the entry is fairly level and a driveway casually curves away from the street to the double garage located just left of the centre of the building


The garage, laundry, studio and entry are within the foundation core of the home but the rest of the living spaces are contained within the cantilevered sections.


The foyer of the home is centrally located and a hallway extends from it, connecting the various zones of the residence. A staircase within the hall leads to the lower volume and a skylight above the stairwell keeps both the hall and the stairwell corridor light and bright.


The hall runs the complete length of the home and features a wall glazing with commanding views of the lake on the far end.


The living, dining and kitchen zones all run the length of the view wall cantilevered over the gorge below.


The building is defined by its projections and sloped roof. The roof overhang creates a much needed shade barrier to the sun during the extreme heat of the summer months for both the outdoor terrace and the interior volumes. Built with glue laminated beams, wood decking and TJI’s the residence features such sustainable features as Stormwater management; Water efficient landscape; Water use reduction; Regional materials; Carbon Dioxide monitoring; Ventilation effectiveness; Low emitting materials; Daylight and views.


CEI Architecture
Photography by Ed White Photographics



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