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Cabin Chic Mountain Home of Glass and Wood

This mountain home in Preston, WA recently sold for a cool million, but you can’t put a price on these spectacular views and the lifestyle afforded by this nature-lover’s location. This elegant home takes a cue from cabin culture and raises it to a new level of luxury, with its grand sense of space and shimmering glass walls, all wrapped in rich natural wood. It’s the perfect complement to this lush forest setting. Even inside, you get this wonderful feeling of being in the outdoors, with the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and the natural palette of materials and finishes inside. Here’s a sneak peek.

The house glows among the trees through its floor-to-ceiling glazed walls enclosing the ground level, and the glass gables lining the roof overhead. It’s a warm lantern effect that lures you in for a closer look.
A sheltered porch stretches from end to end, offering an easy transition from outside in. As you wander along this covered wood deck, take in nature and get a good view of the home’s interiors through its fully glazed walls.
The charming steeply pitched roofs are clad in steel panels, creating a nice contrast against its wood framing and glass walls.
The lovely landscaped gardens give this woodland cottage a warm, welcoming feeling that says, “Come on in!” Whether you’re an outsider looking in or inside look out, this low-maintenance manicured garden is a little hotspot among the wild woods surrounding it.
Interiors too are earthy, but refined, bathed in wood from floor to ceiling. Natural light spills in through the sliding glass doors, illuminating the honey-colored timber treatments throughout. The open concept kitchen and dining area extends up 1.5-storeys, topped with vaulted ceilings and exposed beams stretching overhead. A wood-burning stove emphasizes the home’s countryside appeal.
Sitting in the center of this open living area, you feel at one with nature which is visible in the interior finishes and through the glass walls which enclose this space. As you dine, you actually feel like you’re eating alfresco, with green views in every direction.
In an organic cottage home like this, you really don’t need or want much in the way of furniture or adornments. The outdoor view always remains the main focus here.
In keeping with the rustic style of this home, the kitchen boasts a standard dropped ceiling with exposed wood beams that lend an “in progress” look and feel. Contemporary spotlights are mounted to a wire system zigzagging overhead for a much-needed modern detail. The large island at the center offers plenty of prep space and a casual spot for informal meals. Openings at either end of the central cabinets and sink area maintain an open dialogue with the rest of the living areas.

On the other side of the kitchen cabinets, a living room is an earthy combination of warm wood walls and ceiling, with cool tiled floors underfoot. The change in flooring differentiates this living space from the others.

As you make your way through the space, you’ll reach a trellis-wrapped staircase leading to the upper level, preserving the home’s open flow and unobstructed sightlines while giving the staircase some structure and enclosure, for safety’s sake.
This latticed stairway leads up to a caged catwalk overlooking the living area below.
As on the main level, the upper floor also features expansive glazing that soaks every inch in cheerful sunlight.
The bathroom resonates with the home’s signature earthy palette of wood, stone and natural light.
A separate wing houses the private master bedroom (one of three bedrooms, and the only one on the main level) which enjoys views of the forest. Like the living areas, this private retreat is minimal in its furnishings, yielding to the outdoors as the focal point of the room. As you look outside, a stone-tile patio comes level with the interior floor, making you feel like you can step right out into nature. And indeed you can, through the sliding glass door. The 1.5-storey space with open vaulted ceilings is spacious, simple and stunning.
This house was sold recently at Redfin


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