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Bug Light is a Tabletop Collection of Insect Lamps

The creative collection of Bug Lights are made from industrial parts that use the bulb as the head, the socket as the body and the support as the insects spindly legs. The three versions of bugs represent a mini ant, a spider and a praying mantis – my personal favourite is the ant but it would be fun to have all three.

The Bug Light may or may not be your first pet insect – my first one was a caterpillar – but even if its not your first pet bug, the Bug light is definitely the first one that shines a light on things!
Each Bug Light is packaged inside a cardboard box complete with breathing holes and each package comes with a Bug Light model; a 25W bulb that with soft lighting; a 1.5m long black electric cable with on/off switch – CE European power plug; a US power plug adapter and a Bug Light ID postcard.
While each Bug Light comes with its own bulb, the bulb can be switched to one of your choice to give your pet light a personality of its own.
The lamps are made in Israel by visually impaired workers through a workshop collaboration as a community donation project.


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