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Insect Inspired Teak Outdoor Furniture from Deesawat

Insect collection from Thai manufacturer Deesawat was launched during the latest Maiosn & Objet fair in Paris. Composed of a side table, an end table and a coffee table, this small outdoor series is an amazing reinterpretation of the insect world. The tables are beautifully crafted in teak wood with legs in stainless steel. The shapes are organic and abstract, yet somehow still very realistic. They will look like giant harmless insects ready to jump in your pool or crawl on your lawn! The steel work is also very well done. The bends and articulations of the legs make these tables look like they were in motion. The Insect tables can be used as accent table in many outdoors scenarios, and would stand out even more if paired with furniture made from glossy polyurethane, concrete fibers or other contrasting materials. They can also be used indoors to create a natural and original atmosphere. Even those who are not particularly fond of insects will appreciate this very inspired collection!



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