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Budget-Conscious Ideas from MADE Using Surplus and Salvaged Materials

Quite the kitchen, considering it was made using surplus and salvaged materials! The massive island was made using re-milled Douglas Fir beams and we think it’s just fantastic. What a stunning piece of kitchen furniture. And isn’t it cool how they added a bookcase for cookbooks – right where you need it. Just slide the recipe book out from under the counter when you’re ready to start cooking. The wood is such a rich patina and looks perfect against the white brick walls. Using the Brooklyn-based MADE design firm, the family made a budget (and environmentally) conscious decision to utilize salvaged material and it turned out to be a stunning renovation. The Carerra marble around the sink is also reclaimed – from an abandoned end slab that came out of a previous renovation. Another of their exceptionally attractive choices was the decorated aluminum sliding bathroom door (below). The design was carved into a aluminum with a digital laser cutter. The door is suspended on a track and glides effortlessly at the lightest touch. When you can renovate your home using reclaimed and recycled materials, everyone wins. And clearly, the design does not have to be sacrificed. What’s old is new again.

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