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Whirlpool Bathtub from Puntoacqua – bubble away your troubles with Italian whirlpools

Puntoacqua Globe circular whirlpool bathtub in built-in installation
Do you yearn for a whirlpool bathtub to whisk into a world of relaxation? Consider adding a fantastic Puntoacqua whirlpool bathtub to your home and get ready to focus on wellness. The Italian designed whirlpools place “quality, customization, and uniqueness” top of the list of crucial elements in their design concepts. Where do you want to place your bathtub? It’s up to you with the Puntoacqua designs (pictured here are the circular Globe and oval Elisyr) that can be positioned prominently in the middle of a room as a free-standing item… or tucked away fitting neatly into a corner. Either way, the whirlpool will take centre-stage in your lifestyle: the many powerful water jets will sooth away worries you didn’t even know you had! Take time to unwind and bring a Puntoacqua bathtub home… you’ll never regret taking that important step to increase your overall well-being.
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Puntoacqua Globe corner bathtub
Puntoacqua Elisyr oval bathtub

Puntoacqua Elisyr bathtub tub filler


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