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Jacuzzi Morphosis Free Standing Tub – float away with this modern tub

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Jacuzzi Morphosis free standing tub in high-gloss white acrylic
The flowing, distinctive oval shape of the Morphosis Free Standing Tub is brought to us by Jacuzzi. It is a traditional free-standing tub reinterpreted, with a new sculpted shape. Its strong design is sure to make a focal point for your bathroom, for your family and guests alike to explore. The tub floats in your bathroom wherever you please, as a clever compromise between design and functionality. The generous proportions, optional headrest and chrome faucet with a hand-held shower head all add up to a superior bathing experience… Allowing the form to take centre stage, the Morphosis is finished in high-gloss white acrylic… a seamless skin that is smooth and cool to the touch. If you enjoy the simple pleasure of total immersion in still and tranquil waters, the Morphosis from Jacuzzi is for you.


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