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Shower Stall from Bette is flush to the floor

If you love the idea of open, uninterrupted spaces you’ll adore the Bettefloor shower stall from Bette which offers a surface that is flush to the floor. No stepping up and down, simply strolling into the shower makes it feel like an integral part of your bathroom rather than a separate, excluded area. Also great for people with mobility problems, the Bettefloor just feels natural. The circular drain in the centre of the Bettefloor allows the water to drain away without protruding in any way. A generous plate of glass shelters the room from splashes, and lets light flow in to the area. A shower stall ideal for any modern environment – the Bettefloor by Bette.
The Waterpole is a shower cabin by Megius that is also flush to the floor.


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