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Bread and Pasta Dining Table for Traditional Italian Cuisine

The Alfredo table by TAGmi Designs is nothing short of awesome. It’s a prep table with mega accessories one minute: a cutting board, pastry board, rolling pin, tablet support and a light of it’s own. And the next minute, everything slides neatly away and it’s a dining room table! We love the decorative ends on the rolling pin – that’s detail (especially when it’s returned to it’s hiding hole beneath the table top). Just imagine, you cook a homemade Italian dinner in your apartment and when the bread’s in the oven and the pasta’s on the stove – it’s magic. Dinner on the same table. What a space saver! Built on the idea of the traditional Italian cooking-dining table, it has a couple of upgrades. The light is a modern addition (but essential for cooking!) and the cookbook stand has been replaced with a tablet stand. But the pull out pastry board for rolling your own pasta – that hasn’t changed. Nor has the joy in good friends and good food! Buon Appetito!

The Alfredo table is a fine — and functional — piece of furniture.
More information: TAGmi


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