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Boat Shaped Bathtub by ZAD Italy – Funamori

What a cool boat shaped bathtub. Sushi boat shape, that is. The tub emulates the wooden boat that Japanese restaurants use to serve sushi and sashimi. What fun! Is that why they dubbed it “Funamori”? And did you know that ZAD stands for “Zone of Design”? Small wonder. This minimalist, clean bathtub design has such flowing lines. What a comfortable looking soaker, and such calming influence. It’s made from Adamantx, an innovative solid surface composite resin developed and produced in Italy. Designed by Rossella Sblendorio for Zad Italy, this is one of the sleekest tubs we’ve ever seen. Float off to a Zen place while you take your bath!

The lines of the Funamori boat tub are oh-so Zen.
Available in red, black or white.
More information: ZAD Italy


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