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Blom Table Lamp by Sander Bakker

Inspired by the natural growth of flowers, the Blom table lamp is a modern light design that glows with an organic fluidity of delicate petals wrapping around and around in overlaying rows of soft white shapes that create a pattern of light and shade through the translucence of the petals. The base incorporates a grain pattern to further enhance the organic appeal of Blom and the 3 legs are as though there are 3 stems with merging flowers. As an interesting contrast to this imagery is the brightly colored cloth covered cord casually spilling down from the center of the flowers before meeting up with the on/off switch.
Currently, you can purchase Blom at Kickstarter.

The packaging of Blom uses an innovative assembly process that allows for a small box size made from mostly recycled materials, which therefore minimizes the environmental footprint of shipping and material usage.
Adding to the small footprint of the packaging is the innovative concept of printing the manual on the packaging itself.
The on/off switch attached to the cloth chord brings in a nostalgic moment as it is from the modernist design of the “Rompotratta” switch created in 1968 by Italian designer Achille Castiglioni. Achille saw his switch design as the most important creation of his career
Blom is 14″Hx11″W and is made with high density Polethylene and reconstituted veneer wood. The prudent selection of materials and efficient digital manufacturing processes continues the theme of low impact design.
Designed by Sander Bakker, Blom is both a light inspired by nature and a light respectful of nature.
Sander Bakker
Buy it on Kickstarter


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