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Biofireplace Tulip

biofireplace tulip 2 Biofireplace Tulip
The Tulip bio fireplace by Italian company Biofireplace is a modern, innovative interpretation of this natural, organic form. Made of thermoformed DuPont Corian, this design by Matteo Ragni blends bold masculine and soft feminine touches. From its slim, stem-style base, this fireplace broadens to make way for a peek-a-boo firebox, which lets you enjoy the flickering flames and the warmth from every angle. This vent-free fireplace is powered by bioethanol that burns clean, free of smoke or ash. Placed in the center of a room, this is an instant focal point. This versatile fireplace is also ideal for compact spaces and condos, where limited floor space and no chimney won’t stand in the way of romantic ambience. Available in freestanding, suspended, floor- or wall-mounted models, there a spot in every home (and possible even every room!) for a Tulip. Check it out at Biofireplace.

biofireplace tulip 1 Biofireplace Tulip



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