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Italian Fireplace Designs – interesting design Tulip by Biofireplace

A gorgeous design, this Italian fireplace will be an interesting addition to every modern home as the cooler weather creeps up. The Tulip fireplace by Biofireplace is hot, hot hot! Designed by Matteo Ragni, this stylish contemporary fireplace will heat up your home in more ways than one. Inspired by nature, but with a modern twist, its strong, bold lines and gentle curves offer the ideal blend of masculine and feminine suited to any style home. Made of thermoformed DuPont Corian, the peep-hole design lets you appreciate the fire’s glow from any spot in the room. No chimney? No room? No problem! Ideal for compact spaces and available in freestanding floor, wall or hanging models, this vent-free fireplace is powered by bioethanol that burns clean, free of smoke or ash. This sculptural centerpiece complements the modern minimal living room, becoming a sure new favorite for family and friends who appreciate modern designs and a traditional warm fire to gather around. For more information visit and Italian company Biofireplace.



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