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Bi-color Fruit Shaped Porcelain Bowls

bi color fruit shaped porcelain bowls 1 thumb 630x590 28929 Bi color Fruit Shaped Porcelain Bowls

Designed by Portuguese collective SOWHAT?PPP, this expressive collection of porcelain fruits is more than one can perceive at a first glance. At first sight we may think that they are very realistic white porcelain decorative fruits. We admire the realism of the shape and especially of the texture of the fruit’s skin. Porcelain is an amazing material that allows rendering textures that would be difficult to achieve with other materials. But at a closer look we can see that these fruits have a cut in the middle and that they can be taken into two pieces. That is where we have the pleasant surprise of fining out that the fruits open up to form two cups, two bowls or one of each, depending on the use we want to give them. The shapes are very different, going from smaller fruit such as lemon or pomegranate to bigger melon or pumpkin. On the outside the porcelain skin imitates the real texture of each specific fruit, while the inside is smooth and glazed in different color. Keeping with the realism of the fruit, the inside colors are the colors of the pulp of each specific fruit, with one or two color options depending on the fruit they represent. Each piece is handmade and unique, fragile but strong at the same time.

bi color fruit shaped porcelain bowls 2 thumb 630x485 28931 Bi color Fruit Shaped Porcelain Bowls



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