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Outdoor kitchens that will make you want to spend more time outside

Whether you already have an outdoor kitchen setup or you have been thinking about adding one- outdoor kitchens are the new biggest thing. Not only are they convenient to have but it makes going outdoors that much more fun. Especially, if you already have an outdoor setup. If you have ever considered having an outdoor kitchen, here are the best outdoor kitchen ideas that are sure to inspire you to spend more time outside.

Pizza Oven

You want to place your pizza oven a bit far away from the rest of your decor as it will emit an abundance of heat when it is turned on

If there is one thing anyone who has space can make great use of is a pizza oven. Who doesn’t love oven brick pizza?! It’s so much crunchier with a smokey authentic taste. Subsequently, there is something about it that feels very traditional yet luxurious.

Patio Outdoor Kitchen

Add some color to make your decor feel sleek and cohesive with a brightening effect.

It’s all about creating a cozy set up that feels modern. Instead of only having your grill as part of your cooking station bring in a cozy wood table. Having the wood table will add that intimate feel while still being grand. It gives you a place to sit your guests while allowing your cooking space to be the main statement.

Luxury over Everything

Add a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen space for that luxury feel that enhances that rich feel.

If you have the space, the time and the money, consider taking it the luxurious route. Bringing in as many luxury pieces as you possibly can without breaking the bank. For this idea, you want to consider setting a budget. Adding a budget will ensure you get what you want and need without taking away from the price tag you want to have. Add a fire pit, grill, and even a stove to further enhance that luxurious feel.

Modern Bar

The more modern your bar is, the more likely you are to work in sleek decor that flows well with your bar

For those that love entertaining and having guests, adding in a bar is an excellent form of embracing having an outdoor kitchen. It’s all about going the modern route with your outdoor bar. Add an island and fun stools to truly emphasize the idea of entertaining.

Pool and Kitchen Combo

Bring in a grand approach by having unique light fixtures to add that modern luxurious feel

Bring in the perfect outdoor combo by having a pool and a kitchen. Considered the perfect combo, these two paired together will make your guests feel right home, without having to go inside. It’s all about having both spaces feel as individual areas, yet work together well. Allow your kitchen to come to life by having all the appliances as cohesive as possible.

Bring on the TVs

Bring large TVs to make a statement in the outside kitchen while allowing you to be entertained while cooking up a meal with friends.

Sports fanatics and movie watchers will love this idea. Bring in multiple large TVs and have them hung from your cooking station in order to create a living room vibe. It’s all about bringing comfort with a modern touch to your outdoor space. Make sure your TVs are placed under a canopy to prevent them from getting damaged from the weather elements.

Accentuate Your View

Focus on the view for a charming approach that makes the area come to life in a scenic manner

If you are lucky enough to have a view or some sort of you, direct your kitchen decor in the direction of the view for that charming take. It’s also a great way to help cozy up the room. Pair with a small seating to truly embrace the idea of focusing on the view for the ultimate relaxing space.


Your pergola doesn’t need to be perfect in fact, it can be placed uniquely for a charming aesthetic that is a bit more modern than the traditional manner

Create shade by adding a charming pergola. A pergola will create shade while allowing you to add different items and decorative elements underneath. Add a seating space or even a coach paired with an eating area for that outdoor kitchen vibe with a more laid back approach. Furthermore, you want to ensure your pergola is large enough to cover your new eating space.

Complete Dining Space

Consider a round table for a more intimate approach that feels sleek

Without a doubt, when the weather is nice most of us will spend a whole lot of time outdoors. Embrace this idea by having a complete dining area right outside. Instead of only having a grill and maybe a few chairs. Take it all outside and adding a grill, a fire pit, an outdoor stove, and a large seating space. You want to mimic what you have inside to create the perfect, custom outdoor area.

Outdoor Stove

Pair your stove with other items such as a sink for that put-together vibe that allows you to have everything you need in one place

Adding an outdoor stove to your grill area is one of the best ways of embracing your outdoor area and truly making it feel as if you were inside. The idea is to have a traditional-like stove outside where you can cook your favorite meals alongside your grilled items to give you that complete outside/indoor kitchen feel.

What does your dream outdoor kitchen look like? Share with your ideas below.


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