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Best Indoor Trees For Every Room In Your House

Indoor trees not only bring freshness to the home, but they add a luxurious feel while filtering the air. They are sort of an easy filtration system that adds color, texture, and beauty to any room. Though they are extremely easy to have and display, many come to conclude that decorating with plants is just not that easy. For those that are having difficulty decorating with their favorite plant here is a guide to help you along the way.

Grow Plants Vertically

Display your plants in a chic display for a cool new way of bringing plant fixtures to your living room.

Why display your plants in a normal manner when you can display them in a more modern form? Having a modern format is great when you want to bring a creative touch to your home. A great way of bringing a modern touch with plants is to grow them vertically. Vertically displayed plants work great due to being able to hang them from any wall in your home. Display a few of them together to make a big difference in the room. Additionally, adding color and texture all at once.

Cascading Plants

Allow your plants to do their own thing by having them cascade into your decor

Another versatile option to choose from is cascading plants. Cascading plants work best when they are the main focus of the room. Having a cascading plant makes the room feel that much more luxurious. Add a single cascading plant to bring freshness to the room or have a multitude of plants to give it an added layer of color.

Add them to your Side table

Bring your plants to your side table when you want color and size to be the focal point of having these plants.

Side tables can be difficult to decorate, this is mainly due to not having the right size items to put on them. When in doubt, consider adding tiny plants. Smaller plants will not only add to the table, but they bring in a decorative aspect that will become classic to the room. Contemplate adding a multitude of smaller different plants to give you that refreshing aesthetic plants are intended to make.

Large One

The larger your plant the bigger statement, it will make. Furthermore, ensure it makes a big statement by displaying it in your dining room, either on the table or in an awkward corner.

While smaller plants add just the right amount of texture, large ones bring an abundance of airiness. However, the trick is displaying them one at a time and in a corner. If you have an awkward corner this is the perfect element to include. It will remove the awkward feeling while embracing the size of the space. Think of it as the perfect way to embrace your entire room.

A Cactus

Why have one cactus when you can have a multitude of small ones perfectly displayed with other easy to maintain plants.

If you have always wanted to own a cactus now its time to do so. Cactus’s work great as house plants as they do not require much maintenance. They look great, last a long time and can be placed in a multitude of areas without disrupting the décor. Think of them as the perfect hint of color while still being rugged and chic.

Plant Stands

If you don’t want to have your plants separated and on individual stands, you can easily have them on one big display, but in different cubbies that hold each one of them.

Plant stands are excellent decorative elements. They allow you to change the height of your plants while still giving them the spotlight they deserve. Furthermore, you can get creative with your stands and the way you place them in your home. Whether you display them together or you find a stylish spot for them, it is completely up to you. You could even hang them to give them a bit of an elevated look.

Multiple Sizes

Scatter your multiple size plants around the area to create the most contrast.

Bring in a multitude of different sized plants to a room to give them a true spotlight. While most of us typically display one plant at a time and call it a day, using multiple size plants can create a colorful staple in the room for the perfect blend that enhances the room’s overall aesthetic. If you have a smaller room this idea works great due to giving you some sort of division in the room. Creating that division will make the room feel larger and more put together.

Bring it to the Kitchen

Bring in different size plants to make the biggest difference in the room.

The kitchen might seem like one of the last places you would want to include plants, but it should be one of the first. Plants are great to breath new life into your home in the kitchen. They add this sense of freshness that is difficult to mimic when they aren’t around. Add a large plant to your kitchen and allow it to make a huge statement in the space. Whether that be by color, texture or size a plant can be just what you need.

Bedroom Freshness

The closer your bed to your plants the better, your display will feel.

Adding a dose of freshness to the bedroom is quite easy when you’re adding a plant or two. The key is bringing a large plant and making it the main focus of the room. You want your plant to sit near your bed to filter the room’s air. Studies have also shown that having a plant in the bedroom can help you sleep better at night as there is a constant natural, air revolving system.

Consider Flowers

Give your flowers their own display for the perfect outcome with just the right amount of color.

Any area of the home that appears as if its missing color, texture, or a little bit of both consider adding flowers. Flowers work due to how many colors they add in a room. Furthermore, colorful plants bring a little something extra to the room that can be changed over time. Furthermore, you can change them when you decide you need more color or texture in the room.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Please share with us below.


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