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Bending Bed by Europeo – Abbraccio

The Italian word abbracio means an embrace – which is exactly the concept behind the design of Abbracio, a contemporary bending bed by Europeo. Meant to bend around you in relaxation and comfort while maintaining functionality and a modern appeal. The bed displays simple lines, but the bending headboard and bottom corners can be folded or curved to fit your functional needs and giving the bed a unique look. There are reading lights built into the corners of the bed to accommodate a relaxing read before sleep or a spontaneous midnight chat under the blankets and in the comfort of the cocoon that Abbracio can become. The beds also boast a unique and contemporary printed pattern, which brings a nice element of visual interest, and are available in different neutral colors – like white, black, grey, brown and beige. You’ll want to visit Europeo to find out more about theses cool beds – be sure to watch the videos too.



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