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Bedroom Design Solutions: Ideas For Your TV

Having a TV in your bedroom is a great idea until you can’t figure out where to place it. Sometimes your TV needs a special place, especially if you have a media component that goes with your TV. With that being said, we are here to help guide you on bedroom design solutions for your TV. Here are a few ways to bring focus to your bedroom and truly know where to place your TV.

Custom Cabinetry

When going for a custom look select something that feels new and fresh to you and the room

When it comes to making a comfortable area for your TV, that also flows in the room you want to consider going the custom route. Doing so not only gives you a new form keeping the room cohesive and sleek but it will further enhance the idea that your TV and media center will now have its very own space.

Media Cabinet

Bring in as much, room as part of your console to help you organize as much as you can. Furthermore, it helps with storage 

You want to create a well-placed area, for your TV somewhere where it will not be in the way. One of the best ways to do this is to bring in a media cabinet. Media cabinets work due to being created specifically for your area. Furthermore, you want to have a media cabinet that does not take up the entire room, instead, it feels as if the room is evolving. The bigger your TV the grander your media cabinet should be.{found on nwhomeworks}.

Adjustable Mount

Adjusting your TV is quite useful which is why having a mounted appeal always feels grander and even sleeker.

Instead of mounting your TV on the wall, bring in an adjustable mount. Having an adjustable amount enables you to place your TV anywhere you would like. Just as the name states you will be able to adjust your TV to your liking. Whether that be in front of your bed or to the side the options are endless when you use this type of system. Furthermore, it gives you a rotating element so you can truly use a 360 appeal.{found on overstock}.

Make it a Focus

Bring your bed as close as possible to truly make the room feel as TV focused as possible.

Although most rooms are busy with multiple items in them, sometimes there needs to be a bold focus and that is where making your TV a focus point will come into play. Whether you display it on the wall or you decide to bring a stand the options are up to you. The key is working with key elements that make your TV truly feel like the main element in the room.

Be Smart About It

When being smart about where you place your TV you want to ensure the room is cohesive and feels as modern as possible

When deciding where to place your TV you want to be smart about it. Not only do you want to keep in mind, where it will be watched, but you also want to take note of how the TV is placed. Furthermore, consider the decor around it. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of the room while being smart in how the TV is showcased.{found on homedit}.

Get a Stand

If you want a lower stand, consider bringing on that is not connected with her TV

While this might seem like the obvious option, we need to mention it. Getting a TV stand is one of the best forms of getting your TV in the right place. Furthermore, there is a lot that a TV stand can do for a room, this is particularly true if you consider having a unique stand. Whether that is displayed through the decor you place on it, or through the stand itself. It’s all about getting something that makes sense to you.

Above the Fireplace

Get an electric fireplace to brighten the room overall giving it a more modern approach

If you already have a fireplace and it’s facing your bed, consider doubling upon it by using it as a TV stand. Regardless, if you place your TV directly on it, or above it, it is completely up to you. The idea is to have your stand be the main focus of the room while still feeling cozy and sleek. It enables you to turn on the fire, flick through your favorite shows and embrace the comfortable, relaxing affair you are about to embark on.

Work on the Sound

A simple surround sound can make the world of a difference in a room, especially if you are working with a minimal one

In a room that has little to no flooring or a carpet, consider bringing a sound system. Adding a sound system to your TV setting works great as it makes watching your favorite shows that much more pleasurable. Furthermore, it also enables you to truly find a more modern form of displaying your media.

Modern Upgrade

The more modern your display is the better, as it will bring your TV into as much of a focus as possible

When in double, choose the modern route. If you want something upscale and unique its time to embrace it by choosing the modern version. It’s all about making the most out of what you already have and the modern touch will come in handy. Furthermore, having a modern upgrade will instantly revive your decor, almost automatically.

For a Smaller Space

When it comes to making a small room come to life, the key is working with neutrals that feel fresh and new every time

Let’s face it, not all of us were granted with a big bedroom, in fact, many of us have a small one instead. Which is perfectly fine, if that is the case just go for a smaller media display. Everything does not have to be bold and in your face, sometimes it can be soft and modern instead if that is the case, take advantage of what you got and go bold with it. Furthermore, embrace the space and keep it minimal.

How do you display your TV console? Share with us below.


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