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Bed and Breakfast fireplace from Fireplace Xtrordinair – the portrait-style gas fireplace

Would you like to have a gas fireplace in your kitchen, built-in into a kitchen cabinet? Then this Bed & Breakfast portrait-style gas fireplace from Fireplace Xtrordinair is for you… With its “portrait” size, the award winning Ember-Fyre burner and direct vent system (top vent or rear vent), the Bed & Breakfast fireplace is designed for corner or small space installations, and is ideal for small and cozy intimate settings such as bedrooms, baths and kitchens. You can have it built-in or installed into an optional tall corner cabinet or even a kitchen cabinet. This gas fireplace can warm up a room up to 650 sq. ft. The quiet built-in blower will help heating up the room faster by circulating the air. Shown B&B with the Classic Arch face in brushed nickel and the brick “Bee Hive” interior. For all options visit Fireplace Xtrordinair.


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