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Beautiful Light Effects by Cariitti Oy

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Cariitti Oy is a Finish lighting manufacturer with a 40 year long history behind. Today they focus in their product development on clear, functional and high quality concepts. Their range consists of ready-made sets as well as special custom-made lighting systems. The company specializes, among other, in high-end LED and fiber optic lights. Sade Royal is one of these, a genuine ceiling jewel. This pendant light consists of three chains of different lengths made of Swarowski Swing crystals, with a stainless steel base. The light source is a cold LED. This combination of cold light and crystals results in the reflection on the ceiling of a multitude of icy lights. The crystals hang like stalactites from the ceiling, creating a refined show of lights. The coldness of the atmosphere is counterbalanced by its magical effects. Sade Royal is sold as one piece or as a kit of 18, allowing for amazing ceiling installations.

beautiful light effects by cariitti oy 2 thumb 630xauto 37763 Beautiful Light Effects by Cariitti Oy

Illusia is a surprising pendant LED lamp. The shade, in powder coated aluminum, comes in three colors: anthracite, grey or white. There is an inner globe in shockproof acryl that lines the shade. The secret is hidden inside this inner globe, and it is a mouth-blown glass ball. It is the patterend surface of the glass ball that creates the beautiful floral reflection on the table. And as these balls are unique thanks to their manufacturing technique, every reflection is unique as well. Designer Kirsti Taiviola says that the inspiration for this particular lamp came form the desire to create an atmospheric table setting without any candles. The lamp has a beautiful crystal hanging switch with double function: it can turn on the big light that illuminates the whole room or just the patterned ball, for a more intimate atmosphere. The dimensions of Illusia are 500 mm diameter and 300 mm height, and it can be hung in a room with a maximum height of 5 meters. The ideal place for this lamp is hanging above a dining table, which will make the most out of the beautiful reflected pattern.




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  1. I need to know if you can ship to Saudi Arabia the Cariitti Oy light I need around 15 Pieces if you give me a good price with shipping cost.

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