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Concrete House Embedded in the Slope

The design of this house, located on a hill outside Barcelona, was inspired by the topography of the land. The steep slope of the site determined architect Pepe Gascon to embed the main body of the building into the ground rather than elevate it. This decision resulted in a cubic shape with a sloping roof parallel to the slope of the site. The only exceptions to the perfect cube are the two incisions made on the two sides of the house, going through the roof and the upper level of the house. These incisions have a double function. On the one hand they bring light in as they are glazed on the three sides, and on the other they create niches for the entrance and a small teracce linked to the master bedroom. There are three floors, out of which two are excavated and only the upper one is above the street level. The lower level is dedicated to the day activities, while the middle and upper ones have been affected to the night or private activities. The front facades of the two lower floors are fully glazed, as that is the only direction that can source natural light. On the top floor, the light penetrates thanks to the two lateral incisions.

The simple, unadorned concrete structure, together with its semi-buried position make the house seem shy and introverted from the exterior.

Inside we find the same sobriety in what concerns the lines and the colors, but the space is more open and dynamic. The floors are interconnected by a series of cantilevering dark wood stairs that hang on thin metal cables. The design of the staircase allows the light to circulate vertically from one floor to the other.

The white walls reflect the light sending its reflections even to the shadiest corners of the house.

The staircase offers different geomterical perspectives from various angles of the house. It is the element that gives the rhythm and the dynamic of the space.
The bathroom creates the transition from the master bedroom to the intimate terrace carved into the side of the building.


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