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Beautiful Bathroom Trends To Follow This Year

Though we have covered overall trends for this year, we wanted to bring you focus areas of the home as well. This year, it’s more about having each room feel unique instead of having the entire home feel like one single decorated space. Therefore, it makes sense to find the trends that will be sweeping 2020 by storm, even in the bathroom! Though the bathroom is the main room it rarely gets a reboot. This year it will and it’s coming with a bang with these decorating trends.

Brass Finish

brass in bathroom Beautiful Bathroom Trends To Follow This Year
The bright side of having a brass element is making the room feel warm all at once.

When it comes to finishes in the bathroom it can be quite tricky; however, this year it will be easy. It’s all about adding a brass shade. Brass is coming in strong with all of the bells and whistles. It’s almost as if brass is coming back, but with a luxurious approach. The idea is to use it hugely yet keep it sleek all at once.

Art Deco-inspired Tubs

art decor tub Beautiful Bathroom Trends To Follow This Year
The grander the tub the better. It’s all about making a grand statement in the sleekest form.

Tubs will forever be a classic statement in any bathroom, particularly if you want a cozy approach. This year they aren’t leaving the spotlight they are just becoming a bit more vintage. By vintage, we mean art deco-inspired. Deep tubs are becoming a huge deal and we love it! A deeper tub means you can lay for longer and more than one person can fit.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting works well due to how seamless it will work throughout the room, to make the space come to life.

While having traditional lighting is always a good idea, integrated lighting is the new trend. It’s all about making the entire room come to life with seamless lighting. Integrating lighting into your bathroom is the art of bringing technology to the room. It enables you to weave your preferred lighting throughout the entire room without having wires sticking out everywhere.

Marbleized Wallpaper

The veining your wallpaper has the better it is to create texture in the room.

If you have a smaller bathroom and want to make a statement, bringing in a marbleized wallpaper is the way to go. Not only does it make the room feel elegant but it sure makes the room feel as unique as possible. Furthermore, having this element will give the bathroom a glamorous feel that is also contemporary and modern.

Framed Mirror

Make your framed mirror have a grander approach by bringing another pair into the mix. It’s all about having a contrast while still being similar.

While this might be an “ah-ha” moment for many, it is not as obvious to others. Having a framed mirror works due to adding an extra dose of texture to the room. You can almost say adding a framed mirror can instantly transform the room by giving it that upscale vibe the room can make great use of. It’s the perfect way to upgrade the room without having to completely change it.

Unique Marble

Consider the marble used to have veining throughout, to make a statement.

Marble has been around for thousands of years, you can almost say it’s been around forever and it’s a true classic. Therefore, it won’t go away; however, this year it is getting a revamp! Not just any revamp, but a modern twist. When it comes to marble we are looking at unique designs. No longer will traditional marbles be the statement pieces in the bathroom area. They will be bold, rich and contemporary every single time. The key is working with materials such as Zebrino, and Arabascato two district pieces that are almost like artwork.

Black Freestanding Tub

Pair your tub with a black sink to make the bathroom feel sleek and fresh.

Freestanding tubs will always be a part of any trend. Thus why it comes as no surprise that this year it will still be a top contender. The only thing that’s changing this year is the color. Bringing in a black freestanding tub will give the room a bit of opulence that can’t be seen anywhere else. Pair with metallic bits to make the room come to life.

Shape Tiles

The more shaped your tiles the better. It creates a contrast that makes sense in the room.

Tiles are always a part of any bathroom, due to how much easier they are to clean, compared to any other flooring material. Furthermore, they come in a multitude of colors, textures, and appeals. This year, it’s all about the shape of your tile. We are staying away from traditional tiling and are looking at having unique shapes that make the room come to life. You could even consider having both options such as traditional tiles and ones that are varied.


The more dramatic it is the better! The room should feel grand and sleek yet put together at once.

Give your bathroom a dramatic touch by going as bold as possible, and making a big splash. Consider using as much color and texture as possible while remaining authentic to your decor. It’s all about making the room feel fresh and unique all at once. The more colorful your decor is the grander its appeal will be. It’s all about making the room come to life overall.

Acrylic Furniture

It’s all about making sure the room feel grand and sleek, overall without taking away from your decor.

One of the best ways of engaging and embracing the room overall is to bring in furniture that will work beautifully throughout. Think of it acrylic furniture as the cherry on top of any decor. It’s one of the best ways to make the room feel grand, enabling you to get in the room everything you need without taking away from the space. Furthermore, the more decor, you have the more seamless it is.

Are any of these bathroom trends your favorite? If so, share it with us below.



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