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Beatrice sconce from Fuse Lighting – the gemstone art lighting

With its sophisticated design and exquisite gem details, art lighting from Fuse Lighting can turn any room into a gallery. Custom lighting like the Beatrice Sconce line makes a bright statement that will create a spark of fun in a dull room. The Beatrice line of luxury lighting features a variety of metal finish options that will naturally patina over time to give each fixture a warm, rich glow. The strong sculpted structure of this gemstone lighting is complemented by organic strands of stone that can be specified in a vast number of styles, colors, and shapes. Whether you fancy Rose Quartz, Round Red Agate, or Smoky Topaz Chips, you can customize your lamp to produce a dynamic and whimsical design that is one-of-a-kind. Beatrice sconces are available in two arm or three arm versions, and a pendant variation is also being offered as an option. Fuse Lighting


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