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Overflow Bathtub Arima by Glass

bathtub arima glass 1 Overflow Bathtub Arima by Glass
We’ve featured many modern bathtub designs by Glass here before, but that won’t stop us from sharing yet another amazing overflow bathtub called Arima. It’s a spa tub, designed to be built in or free standing. Equipped with whirlpool and air pool jets, back and feet jets, a heater, a waterfall and chromotherapy, this is an overflow spa, so the water is constantly circulating, replenishing and re-filtering. It’s really as luxurious and modern as you can get for an at home spa. Slipping into this spa tub ensures a full body embrace, total immersion into relaxation and rejuvenation. Wishing I had one right about now. Check out Glass for more info about Arima and to discover more of their great products.

bathtub arima glass 2 Overflow Bathtub Arima by Glass



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