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Bathroom remodeling ideas that are taking over 2019

As we near the middle of 2019 its time to take a look at the latest trends that are taking over all aspects of décor. One area of the home that is always in need of a quick pick me up is the bathroom. The bathroom is used so frequently it can become lackluster quite quickly, which is where upgrading your decor to what is trending is always a good idea. While redecorating could become expensive, it may also be one of the best things you could do to your home. The following guide will showcase the latest bathroom remodeling ideas that are taking over 2019 in a grandiose type of way.

Rounded Edges

Rounded corners add a seamless approach without being heavy in the room, these types of mirrors feel less heavy.

While last season was all about sharp lines that created an elegant appeal, this year we are looking at rounded edges that soften, up to the room with a feminine appeal. Changing up your mirrors to ones with rounded edges will bring a brightening effect with just the right amount of uniqueness. Use multiple mirrors for a grand effect that still has a feminine appeal.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity gives the room an expanding kind of feel, in a minimal yet bold type of way.

Vanities are getting a huge upgrade this season. This year we are looking at floating vanities for a change. What this means is we are removing the bulkiness that comes from having a full vanity in the bathroom and bringing in a smaller version that feels more modern. In the past, they were once considered lacking depth, but this year we want a more modern twist that feels crisp and fun.

Console Sink

The beauty of having a console sink is how minimal it appears, allowing you to use as many accessories or furniture as you desire.

If you are not fond of having a floating vanity, but still want the modern look as part of your bathroom a console sink is the way to go. Not only are they less bulky, but they add that modern appeal without unnecessary space. These sinks work best for small bathrooms as they truly take up as little room as possible.

Mounted Toilets

The beauty of having a mounted toilet is all of the pipelines are completely hidden, giving your bathroom a sleeker appearance.

Similar to the floating vanity idea, toilets are getting a softer upgrade as well. We predict this surge of upgrading to more modern appliances has something to do with the increase in technology. Mounted toilets not only take up less room, but many of them come with multiple different technologies involved, such as having self-cleaning buttons to being able to mask certain smells. Furthermore, they’re easier to clean, a win-win for all.

Single Handle Faucets

Having a single handle faucet creates a sense of elegance in a room regardless of your personal decorating style. There is something about it that feels grand yet sleek and modern.

While we aren’t quite certain this trend will stand the test of time. What we do know is it will save space, as well as look pretty cool in any kind of bathroom. It sort of has this modern feel to it that comes in handy when you want to have a unique display. Consider this option, one of the best ways to keep your décor modern without the hassle.

More Standup Showers

The idea of having a standup shower is great because of how much floor space it helps save in the room.

Most of us have always dreamed of having a beautiful tub to have bubble baths in paired with a glass of wine; however, bathtubs are become out of trend. In fact, this 2019 we are looking at the rise of standup showers. Standup showers are becoming the new top favorite for many millennials due to how convenient and space saving they are.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Shower Doors

The bigger your glass doors are the grander the room will appear. It’s essential to have a simple approach in order to keep the room cohesive.

On the topic of standup showers, we have to look at the latest in that aspect – floor-to-ceiling glass shower doors. It’s the idea of having a seamless item in the room that does not compromise your décor. If you are on the market for upgrading your bathroom this is a top contender to consider, due to how effective it can be regardless of the size of the room.

Skinny Tiling

Colorful skinny tiles bring a beautiful, daring approach to the room with a daring twist.

Yes, you read that correctly, tiling is getting an upgrade as well. We are now looking at the rise of skinny tiles. Tiles are becoming skinnier as the rooms are becoming more modern. A more modern room means the tiles will no longer be the main focus of the space, instead, they will be a part of the big picture. 2019 is all about creating picture-perfect areas in your home without overcompensation with a huge price tag.


The key to working with marble is allowing it to make a bold statement as in creating an accent all that brightens the room overall.

Becomes Art Every homeowner loves the look of marble. However, marble is no longer only for your sink space, it is now becoming art and a part of the main focus of the room. This year marble is coming full-circle and it is one of the most sought out materials, particularly, colored marble.

European Inspired

When going for a European style, consider the textures you enjoy most and place them around for a unique bit that feels modern to the room.

Thanks to Pinterest we get to see more images of what other places are using as part of their everyday lives and decorative items, which is where European inspired décor comes into play. This year we are looking at a big focus on what Europe has been doing for years. While most of these decorative items are the norm, for us, it’s the latest trend and we are obsessed.

Next time you are considering decorating or redecorating your bathroom, try one of these upgrades and share with us how much you like it below.


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