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Bathroom Idea from Axa – Moss ceramics

bathroom idea axa moss ceramics Bathroom Idea from Axa   Moss ceramics
This unconventional bathroom idea is the Moss collection from Axa. Each piece of the trio of sink, toilet and bidet has a flattened, elongated linearity that is so very now. Taking the geometric stance even further, the Moss ceramic range includes ‘extra-flat’ lines of connecting ceramics to unify the whole set by joining them together! This transforms the sink, toilet and bidet from separate entities into one whole elegant unit. Attention-grabbing and modern, the unusual idea works so well with the wall-mounted bathroom furniture. There is some futuristic and surprising about the overall effect of these gorgeous white ceramic pieces being reinterpreted and made into something you’ve never seen before. Get this smart Italian style from Axa.
The Void bathroom trio is another unusual modern look.

bathroom idea axa moss ceramics 1 Bathroom Idea from Axa   Moss ceramics



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