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Bathroom Faucets with Embossed Motives by Daniel Rubinetterie

Dekora Sense is a new decoration technique that Italian manufacturer Daniel Rubinettetrie use for some of their bathroom faucets. The technique consist of embossing various motives onto paint sprayed faucets in order to render them more decorative. This decoration can be achieved on mat, glossy or metallic paint, and the result is very elegant but soft at the same time. Whether the motives are baroque or contemporary, the tone on tone embossing creates very modern visual and tactile effects. The innovative faucets obtained through this technique surprise with their delicacy and their capacity to embellish the bathroom. Each style looks like a real jewel that adds a precious touch to the space. The Dekora Sense faucets can be painted in many colors and finishes. From the trendy mat white or black to custom, these faucets can take the color that will best suit your new or renovated bathroom. Dekora Sense actually don’t need to match anything in your bathroom, as they are iconic pieces which will stand out with refinement in any environment. You can match them to the washbasins, like for example a mat white Dekora Sense faucet on white Corian. Or you can make them stand out even more, by using contrasting colors or finishes, the choice is yours!



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