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Bathroom Faucet by Teorema – new Duck & Tree faucets for nature lovers!

“Water is the source of life. The efficient design of Duck faucet with waterfall effect is not merely a simple aesthetic response – savings on water consumption are over 40%.” Aptly named, the Nature bathroom faucet Collection from Teorema are stylishly sleek, and so appealing. The faucets are inspired by flora and fauna, which gives them a lovely, approachable look. The wonderful Duck faucets resemble nothing so closely as a duck’s head. Their flattened spouts put one in mind of a bill, and the handle above, a plume of feathers. The Tree bathroom faucet, jaunty and angular, looks like it’s just asking for a hug – a request difficult to resist! These faucets simply call out to be explored and handled. The Nature Collection faucets are finished in gleaming chrome, which would match any contemporary bathroom environment. Their compromise between style and functionality is definitely a treat to behold, and to make use of. Splash around to your heart’s content, knowing that the Nature Collection faucets complement your own original style. From Teorema with love.



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