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Bathroom faucet from Mamoli by Alessandro Mendini – the new Euclide faucet series

Mamoli has a new interesting bathroom faucet, the Euclide. Simple but very different, it adds a nice modern touch to a contemporary bathroom. A basic idea derived from a parallelepiped, this bathroom faucet design is pure as water which it pours. The Euclide, a primary form of ancient geometry, is given a playful spin – a greater than 90 degree angle in the spout – and this changes everything. Making Euclide even more unusual is a parallel lever plate that hides within the width of the spout when not in use but moves sideways when in operation. Euclide is not your boring right angle faucet but a charming newcomer from Italy, by Alessandro Mendini for Mamoli. The whole series is available from Mamoli.


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